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Andy Bendix - sculptor's mark

About me

I live and work on the slopes of Blackdown in the South Downs National Park. This is an ancient and, some say, magical place loved by artists for centuries. I enjoy painting and produce a few portraits each year, but my first love is sculpture. I’m fascinated by the alchemy of turning earth into something solid and beautiful. The soil on the slopes of Blackdown is heavy clay in parts (as any gardener round here can testify).  I have recently started to forage in the earth around me so that the alchemy is more keenly felt- from fork to forge.

I like to model animals, life size if possible, but occasionally a human being turns up -my previous training in human biology triumphing. My figures, either human or animal are very rarely from a single model. The idea comes first. A phrase, a cave drawing, a newspaper image. I then visit farms, galleries, take photos, source images on the internet and in books. I cherry pick - her face, his posture, that attitude. But finally, there comes the eyes-shut moment when the finished piece is clear in my mind and all other images are discarded.


 I create work in  both fired stoneware and in cold cast bronze. Sometimes I start by producing a ceramic piece and subsequently make a mould and cast it in bronze resin.  I then have the best of both of my worlds.

I show my work in various UK exhibitions and my sculptures are held in private collections  in the UK and Europe.

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